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Altium multiple joined PCB's

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Darius Baronas

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Nov 15, 2014
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Hi all ! I made PCB project using Altium. My PCB design is not square, and i want do to more than one pcb on one sheet (joined together) like in this picture .


How to do that ? Can't find any video or something.. I must here do "not full" keep-out layer and do panelization, or there is specific function? Please help, thanks !
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talk to your PCB manufacturer.
He can give you optimized panelization information.
Also it is very common that the manufacturer generates the panelization.


You can create a panelized array in Altium, but as Klaus recommended, it is usually easier to have the PCB manufacturer panelize it for you. That way they can optimize the array for their tooling, processes, and panel size. You may wish to specify how they are attached (mouse bites, v-groove, etc.) and depending on the size of the board, you may also wish to add assembly rails or leave them in a panelized array for ease of assembly.

Here's some info on Altium's array function if necessary...
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I always send PCB's to seeedstudio, and there is additional price for panelized pcb's with v-groove. They sayd if gerber is without v-groove and all designs are joined together, there would be no additional price.

The way I understand it - if you panelise a single PCB and make say - a 6x4 panel in your CAD package then send the Gerbers to a manufacturer.
They will delete ALL but 1 PCB, then they run their own MRC checks, etch compensation etc on it and then panelise it.

This to me sounds exactly like what I would do in their place - I'd not want to repeat work on a complete panel for no good reason.

So -I'd not bother panelising it myself, simply provide a panel drawing that suggests how I want the panel.
I have never been disappointed with this, I have been told that my suggested panel was not manufacturable on a few occasions - making any panelisation also a waste of time.

So - the upshot of this is - don't bother - just do a drawing of what your after and the PCB manufacturer will do the rest from your single image.

I also agree with Klaus suggestion to keep close contact with manufacturer.

If you are planing to optimize the size of the PCB in order to reduce the waste of material ( consequently increasing the amount of boards per die - reducing the unit cost ) they could inform the copper sheet and the margin required between boards in photolithography.

The reason they charge you more is because of the v-scores to separate the boards, this requires additional tooling. But if it's okay to separate them by break out tabs as in the picture, the processing can be done with a standard 2 mm contour router and then it won't result in additional costs.

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