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Altium 10 routing layers

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Jan 27, 2013
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Hello everyone
For 2 days i'm strugling with a problem and couldn't find the way out. I hope someone can help. Actually i guess it is a simple thing to do but i have not experienced with altium.
Shortly the thing i wanna do is autorouting either from top layer and bottom layer but make the device connections only from bottom layer.
when I've changed the pad layers of devices from multilayer to bottom layer (or bottom solder) logical connections between devices get lost. So i change pads again to multilayer and then again update pcb from schematics.
What should i do ? any idea? thanks


Edit the Components from PCB Library and update it to PCB.

To convert multi-layer pad to top/Bottom, first set hole size to zero then change the layer.

Hope this may help.

Hi anıl, your help took me one step forward. i apreciate it.

But new problems have emerged.

First , after autoroute i couldn't see the holes at print preview , so it became impossible to fabricate a pcb without holes.

And secondly some of the top layer routes came across to the places where should be pad holes which is reasonable because we set hole sizes to zero and altium

don't have any objection to route over places formerly pad holes. (I can fix the first bug temporarily by placing vias to the locations where were formerly pads. But

this solution has just validity if the second problem had not happened. )

I'm sure the problem has been discussed in a previous thread.


1)If you have old library backup, after routing you add the old footprints(with through hole pads) to library and then update the PCB.

2)I think you have to do some manual cleanup.


Finally i find out a solution.
1) i create my own library with component pads all bottom layer,(if your pads are all at bottom layer then you shouldn't expect them to have holes. we will solve this with the help of 2nd and 4th steps )
2) i place via's over pads,
3) in schematic doc i use myfootprints and then update pcb,
4) after autorouting before printing bottom and top layer , at configuration window of preview first i insert multilayer to both bottom and top layer and then set pads of both bottom and top layer off.
With the help of those 4 steps now i am able to print both of the two layers with holes and routes.

And the easist way. Just use normal component with multilayer pads. But before autorouting place cutout polygons over the pads. Properties of cutout polygons should be:
layer-->Toplayer, Net-->No Net, Locked(Unchecked), PolygonCutout(Unchecked),Board Cutout(Unchecked), Keepout(checked).
And now ready to autoroute.
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