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Alternator stator rewind

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Jun 11, 2009
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I'd be grateful for some ideas please.
I have a 100A alternator to play with and I've been considering converting it to a stepper motor.
The stator has 36 pole pieces with the coil wound 3-phase in a wave configuration, while the rotor has 6 pairs, interleaved. I think this is pretty standard.
I would like to rewind the stator to optimise it a far as possible for stepper operation with a thinner gauge wire, so what do you think would be best:

3 phase as in the original
2 phase bipolar or
2 phase unipolar
do I stick to the wave windings or are there other possibilities?

I'd like to keep the driver as simple as possible but control it by µcontroller.
If I could get 100 steps per rev I'd be happy, but 50 will do.
I don't have any experience in this field so I'd be very grateful if you would share your experience.

i dont think its possible also if you could make it into a steper motor it would be very power hungry i have seen people turn them into motors but not stepper motors and as its a Y configuration its even harder because most of the windings over lap each other ect where in a stepper motor the windings are not over lapped.

Added after 4 minutes:

oh i forgot to say if you want good stepper motors you can get them from old printers they are very accurate keeping in mind that there are INK JET and Dot Matrix as laser only has one stepper for paper so better to get the other style printers then you will have 2 seteper motors and they are strong.

Thanks blackice504.
I do have some steppers from old printers and they are as strong as you say. However to do REAL work I need something a bit stronger, hence the interest in alternators, but as you say they are greedy for amps which is why I want to rewind them. I thought about 5Ω per phase. But that would need a higher supply voltage, I suppose.

Yes that was really good. The driver circuit is unusual.

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