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Alignment out view in

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Jun 29, 2010
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Need Altium expertise help on this issue.
Shown in “CAMtastic.Cam” as picture.

Why section A (pink color) alignment not same as section B (brown color)?
Section A seem like a mirror view (flip the board) from bottom, how come it happen?

Every time I make a PCB in PCB editor, it always created a big outline (brown color) as shown in section B, may I know how to remove it?
The real board outline suppose is pink color as shown in section A.


In Altium.

Check your output settings for making the Gerber files..

File\Fabrication Outputs\Gerber Files - Layers tab - untick the "Mirror" column for the layers.

While you provide your layers all aligned and in the same order you see them in Altium, the manufacturer will mirror what they need to in their setup process.

OR simply mirror the layers in your Gerber viewer in order to align & check them.

Hi Mattylad,
Thank you very much your given method, the problem resolved.

By the way, any way to remove the brown outline shown in B?
The real board outline suppose only is the pink color as shown in outline A.


I d not know (I am not an Altium user) however looking at the output tool each layer has a different extension, so what is the extension of this layer?

Find that out, untick that layer.
It appears to be a routing outline - is there anything else on that layer?
If not then you do not need it.

the thick brown outline is keepout line for your plane layers as you have negative planes so it is shown in the gerbers .

All Gerber software has an align layers function, you pick a feature on the base layer (say a pad), then a feature on the layer you want to align, and the align layer will be moved so the feature you picked is at the same x,y position as the feature on the base layer.
I have never mirrored layers when reading them into a Gerber manipulation package (Camtastic, CAM350 etc), or produced one mirrored from the CAD package. Always produce data as viewed from the top (primary) layer.

Thanks for all replied and giving advises on this thread.

Appreciate it.

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