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Alarm systems communication protocols

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Jun 26, 2001
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sia fsk

Does anybody have some info about communication protocols in alarm systems like DSC?

sia alarm

do you speak of central station protocols as Ademco contact-id...?
dsc alarm protocol

Yes, but I don't know which protocol DSC use in their systems.
Any link, info...

dsc residential dial

I just uploaded Sia2000, CID and some info on Sescoa protocol. You can find it in MrEdAalarmprotocols in FM.
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sia alarm protocol

On 2001-08-24 01:06, MrEd wrote:
I just uploaded Sia2000, CID and some info on Sescoa protocol. You can find it in MrEdAalarmprotocols in FM.
**broken link removed**

Hi MrEd,
I would like download this Alarmprotocols but something is wrong.I was got answer(You don't have permission to access /ftp/MrEd/Alarmprotocols/ on this server.)Can you help me please?
Thanks JURS

contact id handshake

Just now I was download from FM this protocol.:grin:

alarm system protocols primer

Anybody know the working of the remote keypad of the security system ??


sescoa protocol

Does any one have the files posted before about the alarmprotocol. Please upload this files again.

sia alarm format

Is there is any standard covering the alarm system hardware and the features that must be avilable to any alarm system. Also is there is any technical document covering the design of alarm system.

alarm communication protocol

Hi All!

There is some examples on using Contact ID.



contact id protocols

@Vicent Yang:
As far as I know exist no standard. I've seen nearly everything, from systems that protects bank's to very low cost systems where you think "This won't secure my trash...".
In germany exists a organisation named "VdS" it is a group of insurance companys, they have declared "german standards" for different applications. They divide into 3 classes A -privat use(less valueables), B -middle buisiness use (I think up to 50000$), and C- everything else (banks, jewelery's). you can find something at (they have also a english section).

I have seen one type that uses a lot of wires to distribute the lines to the alaram system.

alarm sia

Actually, DSC utilizes eight methods of alarm notification protocols with the first two on the list being quite common standards -- either one or two of the following may be used on any individual system: one for the first phone number dialed, the same or a different one for a second number:

DTMF Contact ID
20 BPS, 1400Hz Handshake
20 BPS, 2300Hz Handshake
10 BPS, 1400Hz Handshake
10 BPS, 2300Hz Handshake
Residential Dial

These are programmed through any alarm pad hooked to the system using code [350] “Communicator Format Options.”

DTMF Contact ID is what most monitoring stations in the US choose to use. SIA FSK is second.

Sorry, the user's and programmer's manuals are on the DSC website, and are accessible only by username and password, but DSC can be contacted at

DSC systems are Underwriter’s Laboratory listed, quite reliable, and economical through modularity. A DSC “Power 864” has monitored 54 channels of sensors at my business with zero failures in the last three year period.
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