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Alarm control panel with GSM messages (AVR 90S8515)

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Aug 2, 2011
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This alarm control panel is a great substitute of fabric devices of this type, which usually are of poor quality and without desired parameters. Presented here design meets all the needs of potential users of such equipment. The control panel is based on microprocessor. Average class alarm systems protecting objects use the telephone line to inform the owner. One of the disadvantages of this type solution is that there is a possibility to cut the line and the need for its lease. Nowadays, the cost of sending an SMS is very low, and that is why presented here system uses a cell phone. For this purpose, a program was written, that sends digital data from the microcontroller in PDU format that is recognized by the mobile phone.

The construction of alarm control panel can be used with any alarm detectors and has the following technical capabilities:
  • four NC type inputs
  • delayed input with adjustable time delay (limit contactor)
  • the possibility of emergency power in case of network voltage failure or sabotage
  • notification via GSM by a mobile phone

A keyboard was designed to control the alarm control panel. It operates in BCD code. The alarm control panel can be used to protect one or two protected zones. The system is designed to protect against intrusion attempts and to inform the owner by sending him a text message and acoustic signalization by the siren sound.

The alarm can be activated by:
  • limit contactor (the alarm is activated by opening the door of the protected object)
  • two motion sensors (the alarm is activated by motion detection in the protected area)
  • loss of power

The device uses color STN display. All the source files were compiled in AVR Studio 4.0. Boards were designed in Autotrax 1.61 and Eagle 6.1.0.

Some screenshots of LCD work:

The alarm control panel:

Schematic of the control unit:

Schematic of the LCD display:

Schematic of the keyboard:

Schematic of the power supply:

Link to original thread (useful attachment) - Centrala alarmowa z powiadomieniem GSM (AVR 90S8515)

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