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Adjustable regulator (12v-2A) controlled by a simple remote controller ?

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May 13, 2012
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Hi guys. I Have planned making a led lamp bar using a square metal tube and some 10W SMD leds. But I also want to control its bright intensity, so I had planned adding a little DC adjustable regulator (**broken link removed**), so I can control the bright with a potentiometer. Yes, the lamp will work with 12V DC.

But then I said, hey! would be very nice controlling the voltage using a infrared remote controller instead of a potentiometer!. :-( But actually I have no idea how to do that. Please could you guys give me some information about this ? some diagrams or something. I think that building this led bar will be a very interesting project.

Well, forget what I said. I did not know there was things like this at ebay. :lol: Whit this thing I am going to get the two things I was looking for, voltage regulator and controlled by a infrared controller.

**broken link removed**

An adjustable regulator is not a good way of dimming an LED, but the ebay item you have found appears to implement it the correct way according to the description, so it should be fine (it uses pulse width modulation [PWM] to implement the brightness level). However, it doesn't state if you can set the current, or what the maximum number of LEDs you can drive in series. Maybe that is configurable, but unfortunately the description doesn't state it.
This type of driver is quite good, but is not wireless (It is dimmed with a 0-10V level): **broken link removed**
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LEDs are dimed by means of PWM. A couple days ago I've finished a "lamp" that hangs oer my working desk and it consists of 5m led strip (2 strips in paralel) controlled by an old Sony remote. PIC12F615 + TSOPxxxx receiver + IRLZ44N. All that powered by 12V/100W SMPS.

And the LEDs are 72W combined power (6A@12V) :twisted:

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