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ade7758 power meter problem

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Aug 31, 2012
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Hi all,

I am making a power meter using ade7758. Is it possible to use this IC to measure a single phase also ? If so do I need to do any modifications to the circuit ?

If anyone has done a power meter using any ade77XX or ade7XXX IC (single phase or 3 phase), can you please give me any reports or schematics that you have made.

Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you really want to measure single phase using one set of input ADE7758 so it goes.
If you want to use all three (two) sets of inputs for measuring the three appliances in one phase so it is unfortunately not

thank you very much.

are you saying that i can measure single phase power (eg- a house where it only gets single phase power) AND three phase power (eg- industry environment where it gets 3 phase) using the same circuit ???

do i need to write to any registers in the chip for this ????

thanks !!!!!!!!!

ADE7758 is Poly Phase Multifunction Energy MeteringIC with Per Phase Information,
As such it can measure consumption of the three phases and it has a set of registers for each phase can be involved by connecting only one phase and it's use. Truth but I see no reason why to do it
Analog Device do many single phase IC , for example ADE7753
They are cheaper, they will have less power, are smaller and thus you will have less work.

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