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ADC ADS7138 always read 0x00

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Jan 22, 2014
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Hello everybody, I am facing an issue with the following ADC: ADS7138...

See below my schematics:


I was able to communicate with the part because adter sending the next command: RIB 0x2E 0x1000 1 => Result: 0x81

However after sending the next settings to configure the ADC in a manual way, I alwas read 0x00 in all the channels (I have already checked that the input voltage on AINXX are in the range of 1V - 1v8 :

1) All AINxx configured as Analog inputs:

WIB 2e 0805 00

2) Send the calibration command:

WIB 2E 0801 02

3) CON_MODE = Manual:

WIB 2E 0804 00

4) SEQ_MODE = Manual:

WIB 2E 0810 00

5) Select Channel to read (AIN0):

WIB 2E 0811 00

6) Read the register of AIN0:

RIB 2E 10A0 1

Result=0x00 for all the AIN. I have tried to enable the FIX PATTERN register (WIB 2E 0802 80) and I read always 0x00 too.

Any idea about what is going on?

Thanks in advance.


Just a guess as we can't see the rest of the schematic or see your software - do you have pull-up resistors on the I2C lines?

Hi! Yes i have them on other page. Actually i can read other registers from the ADC but the ones with the analog values are always at 0x00

Many possibilities:
1) You're not reading from the registers you THINK you're reading from
2) You've configured your analog inputs as GPIO
3) You've got a timing issue


I haven't had a detailed look on the datasheet, but you are mentioning your result is 0x00. This corresponds only to 8 Bit, so at least 4 additional bits are missing here (I assume 8). This missing bits include your LSB"s", if the MSB is clocked out first. So depending on your test condition, which I do not know, and it looks like the inputs are floating, the floating/open ADC input "noise" (flipping of the lower bits) will not be displayed.

Further, for your read hex presentation I'm missing a digit (ending zero?): 2E 10A0 1X.



What library or software do you use?
Where is the description of "RIB" and "WIB" commands?

Your commands are rather messy:
* upper case / lower case
* HEX identifier "0x" and not (maybe without "0x" is interpreted as decimal values)
* leading zeroes and not

--> clean up the mess and only change one item per time. Then do the test.


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