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Accelerometer 2 axis up to ADC ?

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Aug 14, 2009
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how do accelerometers use adc

Hello , I'm trying to create a simple module which contains an accelerometer (ADXL321) , opamp as buffer (TLV2784) and an ADC ic (AD7922). My purpose is to read the accelerometer function and performance and later at the next stage , I'm going to add a dsp to process the data from ADC. I sit posible for me to use all component that I put in bracket? Another thing is, can I operate the ADC without making connection to controller(DSP). As I read , the ADC need for clock. Thx, hope for kind and clear suggestion.

accelerometer buffer adc


Haven't used the parts you are listing, but reading the datasheets wonder why you do not read the ADXL321 outputs straight into two adc inputs of a micro such as a Pic ?

Don't know what you are using as your DSP ? , but does it not have ADC inputs ?

Can you give the application so that we can help?
You have a design to make or simply your job is to design a circuit with these components?

Actually i'm trying to apply every block in my group IC design. It contains , MEMs block which output will be in analog. Then I should have readout circuit. But since the ADXL321 ias already have charge amplifier so I just add up a buffer (TLV2784) , The next block will be ADC block. It is just untill that block before another group at my center proceed to another block which should be DSP developement. We're studying each part since we involve in the ic design area.

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