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About VCO Design Examples in ADS

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Feb 1, 2005
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vco ads

Anyone can offer some reference design about VCO in ADS, i am a new designer.

Thks and Best Regards!


ads vco

I have written a tutorial. I hope it is useful. I got most materials from the oduseus's web but I have modified it for my application.
vco design project

Dear boy,

An excellent tutoirial!!

Do u have any other tutorial or weblink or an example for VCO implementation at the frequency of around 7GHz, which includes distributed model for passive components........and also layout design for the complete structure?


ads vco design

Here attached one project of VCO with ADS

ads vco example

At 7 GHz, you might use a transmission line as a resonator. I have done an osc at 5 GHz using a transmission line on Roger substate. It works fine. I have nerver tried at 7 GHz. You might also tried to use dielectric resonator. ADS has a model for it
ads tutorial vco edaboard

Hi boy,

Do u have any tutorial file for that 5GHz VCO. I mean ur project report or some sort of details that could beneficial for me in order to understand the VCO designing steps at 5GHz?

I hope u would not mind to share it.


vco design

I have a tutorial written in chinese ,can you understand it !IF you do, i mail it to you!

Added after 1 minutes:

and meanwhile I want data above me.hehe
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voltage controlled oscillator design with ads

I'm sorry I saw your email just now due to the unconvenient net ,and I'll sent it to you later,and i meet a problem:that is how can i choose the mosFET when i want to design a VCO operated at 5 GHz ?i try to do it,but i can't find the mos i me!kindhearted gentlemen or ladys or girls! i want a detail example about vco or oscillator by ADS or Hspice! notice:5Ghz cmos integrated design! Thank you very much!:cry:

login design examples

any ADS example for LC VCOs?

ads tutorial vco

You can use MOS technology files and convert them in ADS for your simulation. For example 0.18um or 0.13um

ads vco tutorial

how to convert?for examples, if I had the parameter of a kind of mos,how can i transfer the system mos in ADS?or how can i buide a new mos by myself?if i want the mos operated in 2.4GHz or others,how can i choose it?thanks!

vco design using ansoft designer

thanks!Can anybody upload more?
I need chinese tutorial
please email me
Thank you!

Added after 26 minutes:

I need some VCO design example in ADS
please email me
thank you!

vco design cadence tutorial

is it possibal to design it by using cadence tool?
But what i heard from my prof said that cadence assume the circuits to be linear

Added after 7 minutes:

for phase shifting, does that count for linear circuits?

vco ads zap

no it is not
coz it has frequency shift

vco simulation in ads

the attached file is a example from rfic,written by john

design vco by ads

good, would you give me a copy to Chinese is also ok.

Added after 1 minutes:

I need a example in cadence.

Added after 1 minutes:

who have a example of vco in cadence. Please share me a copy to Thank you!

vco with ads

Here's another example..


  • a_2.45_ghz_low_cose_vco_7626.pdf
    207.1 KB · Views: 934

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