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About 8085 u processor....................!!

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Jul 6, 2010
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I am new to up & uc, till now i have worked with basic now i want to go for Intel 8085 uP there are many u controller but i want to learn 8085 only.

Pls tell how to start it to have basic operation of it as i have studied it programing all theory..........!!


Hi again,

I have learned 8085 & its some programing instruction, please tell how to start it with practically i have also used its Trainer kit in Lab..........................


8085 is almost 34 years old microprocessor! I doubt if you will even find the 8085 chip in market.
I would suggest you to start with some microprocessor or microcontroller which is used in industry right now. Knowing new device will also help if you plan to take a job in embedded field. Go for 8051 family of microcontrollers. Its pretty old architecture but still very widely used in industry. Some of its very easy to learn/use variants are AT89S51/AT89S52, P89V51RD2, P89C61X2, AT89C2051 etc.
All these variants have inbuilt flash ROM, so you don't have to connect any external latch or EPROM like with 8085. Plus there are tons of tools, resources and hardware available online to get you started.

8085 is almost 34 years old microprocessor! I doubt if you will even find the 8085 chip in market.

I have asked in market i am getting it........

And i want to learn 8085 because i like this..., ansd for basic understanding


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Hi again,

I have seen this site before many times & contacted him he is currently busy........................

pls you tell how to start?

SBC is the starting point for any microprocessor or microcontroller! Just make one yourself and start writing programs.
What are you trying to do?

SBC - Single Board Computer ... It is a very minimalistic design which has processor, ROM, RAM and I/O chip to get you started to develop your assembly programs just like your trainer kit.

The link I posted earlier shows how to make one on your own. Please read that.
**broken link removed**
He says about EEPROM how to copy program in it by EEPROM programmer........??

This is how you do it. (You need an EEPROM/EPROM or Universal programmer for this)
1. Write your program in 8085 assembler
2. Assemble your program
3. Assembler generates Intel HEX file as output (.hex). Load this file in your EEPROM programmers GUI on PC.
4. Put your chip in the programmers socket and program it though PC software.
5. Put the chip in your SBC and you are good to go.

There is no way around that! You need the programmer. Either to load the monitor program in ROM which will later let you program your code into RAM through serial port and run from RAM or you will need it every time you want to load a new program in ROM.

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And thats the reason I suggested you to start learning 8051 family. Variants like P89V51RD2 or P89C61X2 don't need any programmer. You can download your program through serial port on these micro's.

As I said "there is no way around that"!

Read my edited post above. If you don't want to buy an EPROM programmer, start with a different micro family.

Search for EEPROM programmers on are bunch of cheap ones available from China.
Make sure the one you buy supports your EEPROM or EPROM chip.
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