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a skill script for schematic

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Jan 13, 2011
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a skill script for schematic view of cadence

i need a skill script for schematic for jumping in hierarchies. let me explain.
if i have hierarchical cells like this


when i am in c1 i wanna press a button to save c1 cell in memory.then when i am in b2 i wanna jump directly to the saved cell (in this case c1) by pressing another button.

do you have any ideas how to write a script like this.
i need it for schematic view of cadence

thank you.
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hi all

i can save lib name and cell name of the cell that i want to remember. and open that cell with geOpen command. it seems it solves my problem but after opening a cell with geOpen command i cannot reach upper levels with ctrl+e . it says i am already at the top level cell.

do you have any idea to help me. how cadence knows which cell is the top level cell and can we edit it.
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Can't you simply use Window -> Save / Restore ?

geOpen - opens the cell same way like you open it from library manager.
For navigating through hierarchy see schHiDescendEdit() atc


I don't think you can go to a topcell if you open from a bottom cell.
For example, suppose I have a design library with cells called MEM_CTRL, ATL & SHIFT
Now, if none of these cells are below each other hierarchically & they all have some INV_XL cells in their lower hierarchy, which is supposed to be considered the top cell if you want to ascend from INV_XL?

You have to open from the top cell, descend and use functions such as schHiReturn() & schHiReturnToTop() to ascend back to the top cell.

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