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89c51 interface to rf 433 transmitter and receiver modules

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Jul 11, 2011
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hey everyone,

i am doing a final year project on an rf signalling system for busy zones.

it requires that i use a an rf transmitter and receiver and two microcontroller for both modules. i am using 89c2051 for thr transmitter and 89c51 for the receiver. i want to be able to save the zone data on the microcontroller and send it through the transmitter. receiver will intercept this information when it is close by. now my problem is the programming. i kno that u should use the serial port for the Tx and Rx but i do not know how to program it. pls any advice is appreciated.

i checked out the sites and from the program given, the writer said it wasnt giving an output...
and from the second thread, does that mean that i am going to have to use an encoder/decoder for the transmitter nd receiver? i thought i could just send the data and receive it without any noise at the input.

and please i need help with the am i supposed to send a message? everybody is sending numbers but i need to send a message across and i really dont have any knowledge in this whatsoever.

pls help...

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oh and thank you for your help...will still appreciate it more if you could help...

your data should be in ascii format irrespective of number or alphabets... and in serial communication it is sent bit by bit, so there should be no problem in sending or receiving......

so i do not need to use to an encoder or decoder? i can just send directly?

can you tell the excat part number of the picture of the module you are using.. some have encoders and decoders in the module itself.. i cannot tell without looking at the module........

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