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4x7 font code for MAX6953

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Jan 14, 2006
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font 4x7

I am using an 8051 to control two MAX6953 driving four 5x7 displays, it's working realy good, the only problem I have is the fonts are too close and I need to keep the 5x7 displays physicaly side by side. Does any one have any custom 4x7 font code, upper and lower case Alphanumeric characters. My program is in assembly.


max6953 code

Hi philmod

You didn't give up from your last request :

Well try to build it with this small application

You can visit the site or downloaded from here

It was developed for LCD displays based on HD44780 controller, that's why the hex byte which appears on the column immediately at the right side of the matrix area are coded according to that kind of display.
But you can use it to stretch your character from 5 columns to 4.
As I told you before, it would be imposible for wide character like M and W.
Besides that inside MAX6953 won't fit the all upper and lower case Alphanumeric characters (only 24 user-definable characters)

Because inside MAX6953 the characters are stored with 5 bytes per character, after filling all the required points in the matrix, imagine the display rotated clockwise with 90 degrees.
Now the columns appears horizontal and you can start coding from left to right, with most significant bit to the left.

7F - 1st column on the left
02 - 2nd column
0C - 3rd column
02 - 4th column
7F - 5th column

Now try to stretch the "M" character to 4 columns.

lcd 4x7 font

Thank you I will try this and let you know how I do.

control max6953

in similar situation i have used this font:

4x7 characters

Thank you for the help.

4x7 font

You can also use the grid in Microsoft Excel to create the character and then extract the associated hex codes for each line, horizontally and/or vertically. You can also use Excel to write the codes out to a file in assembler of C format that can be incorporated into the processor software. This idea was conceived of by Alberto Ricci Bitti and you can see the above implementation in my design idea in EDN
**broken link removed**

The whole concept is developed into a complete application (along with a much more detailed explanation) where a pixel in the grid can be turned on and off by double clicking the associated Excel cell in my book:
"Excel by Example : A Microsoft Excel Cookbook for Electronics Engineers " published by Elsevier/Newnes ISBN 0750677562.

I hope the advert does not offend.

-Aubrey Kagan

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