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300 V DC regulated supply at 200 mA

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Jun 29, 2009
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300 vdc

I am in need of a 300V DC regulated powr supply capable of delivering 200 mA. The output control should be at least in steps of 1 Volt (or continuously variable to allow 1 Volt change)
If some link could be suggested, it will be helpful. Any other suggestion is very much appreciated

Hi! It seems you can use PWM principle. As PWM source any uC or NE555 timer would be good. As a key - any suitalbe MOSFET.
haker_fox said:
Hi! It seems you can use PWM principle. As PWM source any uC or NE555 timer would be good. As a key - any suitalbe MOSFET.
Thanks for the post. PWM/ uC /NE555 / seem to be little awy from what is sought for. Manual control of the Output voltage is OK. Thus PWM/ uC /NE555 can be avoided unless otherwise necessary in the design. Better it is not in digital.

check this circuit i have made it for cfl driving with 12v

What type of the transformer is. Winding S2 is shown shorted. Is it capable of giving 300V at 200 mA. Also, if the circuit works at 220 to 240V AC input, it will be convenient. Even 12 V input will also do. Information sought will be appreciated. Regards
i am used EI33 and tested for 40W load with 25khz, and can increase the power by changing the freqency to 40KHz. the circuit is showing the winding shorted only to make the PCB easy( i am not good in designing PCB's) . for 20khz i have primary 11+11t and sce 350turns .the circuit is corrected for view. If you want to work for 230v better go for Half bridge or Full Bridge
Tru, the bridge configuration is the obvious solution but Regulation is of concern. The interest is in a regulated powr supply to support 0-300 V at 200 mA. Your (Rajudp) circuit has been useful I will try it with little modification for some other purpose.
change the 6.8k resistor to preset to adjust output volt. no need to connect R9 if you need regulation. can use mosfets IRFZ44, better use output diodes as UF4007 if using 40KHz
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