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30 seconds timer using 7 segment

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Jul 23, 2007
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i need help with my project... i am using a PIC16F877A and my compiler is MikroC from mikroElektronika... one of the features of my project is that it uses a 30 seconds timer using two 7 segments... how to do it? i would be grateful any means of help...

thanks in advance... and more power....

Do you want to design the timer entirely or just display 30 seconds in 7 segment...

thanks for the reply...

yah... just only the 30 seconds timer and not the full clock design... i think i would need two 7 segments but my problem is how i gonna do it and how to coincide the clock into the real time clock... i am using a mikroC compiler... hope you can give me some ideas... thanks in advance and more power.... :)

I am not familiar with mikroC compiler. But i can tell u something..

If you are going to just program the existing timer to count 30 seconds, you can use the timer instructions to make it run for 30 seconds, in which you would get the output in hexadecimal values which you can convert to BCD and then use IC7447 to convert it to 7 segment format..

If you are going to design a custom timer, you need to get the clock signal of the microcontroller and just make a counter to count the no. of clock signals.Since the clock time period of the microcontroller is known you must calculate how much cycles does it need to make 1 second. At this value make the counter reset and use another counter to keep track of the seconds.Now You just need to get the output of the second counter to the display.Make the counter to be reseted after 30 seconds...

ahhh... so that's how it goes... thanks for the idea.... if it's ok with you, can you give me an example code so that i can experiment with it. so that i can fully understand the operation.... thanks again people.... :)

Do you want code for the timer in vhdl?

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