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3 channel volt ammeter

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Nov 27, 2012
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hello , I have a three-phase and neutral 115v 400Hz, I want to make a display that shows the current in the three phases and the tension between 3 phases and neutral one by one and all in the same show display



and thanks

Have you scaled down your voltage to 0 to 5v so that it can be given to mcu?
Have you scaled down and converted your current to 0 to 5v so that it can be given to mcu?

If yes. The code can be written.

for the current I used current transformer and transformer used may also

i want the schéma isis and the code

I want to calculate the voltage between phase and neutral V1
and for the second phase and neutral V2
and for the third phase and neutral V3

for the current i want I1 in the first phase
and I2 for the second
and I3 for the third phase

watch the picture

How are you interfacing your Potential Transformer's and Current transformer's output to microcontroller?

Then do it and post the circuit. What will be the range of AC you will be measuring? Like AC Volts 0 to 140v and AC Current 0-20Amps.

oki ,

AC Volts 0 to 200v between phase and neutral

AC Current 0 to 20 Amps in phase

I will assume that your ac 0v is dc 0v and ac 200v is dc 5v.
I will assume that your ac current 0 amps is dc 0v and ac 20 amps is dc 5v.

According to that I will write the code but in mikeoC Compiler.

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