Is it true that many countries in the world are bringing in regulations concerning Conducted differential emissions (as in EMC) in the 2khz-150khz band?

Is it also true that the sole reason behind this is to force their own domestic companies to purchase electrical goods that are made in their own domestic economy? (ie not buy loads of cheap stuff from the Far East, which results in the death of domestic engineering companies).

Historically, conducted noise in the 2-150khz band is ignored.

However, many countries, concerned that their domestic companies are buying in too many electronics products cheaply from the Far East, instead of spending on home-built products, have brought in the 2-150kHz regulations.
I have been told that if a home-made product does not conform to these new regs, then the government turns a “blind eye” to it…..but if the product is purchased from the Far East, then the government imposes heavy fines.

Is this true?
It would be good for UK (and some other countries) to bring in such laws, as the UK is dying off and could do with trying to stimulate its own domestic industry a little , due to post #7 thread of this thread…