Hi, is there significant dependence of the core losses from field intensity? Two toroidal transformers design versions with B=1.5T, 400Hz, electrical steel, same power, but with different field intensity:
Version 1. Field intensity 815 A/m – core (13 kg, core losses 198 W, pr. winding N=36, pr. losses copper=2W), sum losses 200W.
Version 2. Field intensity 3570 A/m – core (3 kg, core losses 45 W, pr. winding N=100, pr. losses copper=19W), sum losses 64W.
The losses in the core are calculated based on the limited information in this web site: http://www.technotron.cz/AMT_programme23_en.aspx
Are these 15 W/kg the same for the both versions if they are at 1.5T and 400Hz, but designed with different field intensity?