I am new to Cadence, please help me on this....

I got a schematics which includes input and output data in bus shape, say,
input A<3:0>.

When I tried to write a PWLF in stimulus file for simulation, how should I write these net names A<0>...A<3>,

I googled different ways, none of them worked out...:(, like


v1 (A<0> 0) vsource type= pwl wave=\[
+ 0.5n 0 0.6n 2.5 10.0n 2.5
+ ]

v1 ([#A<0>] 0) vsource ...

3. v1 (A\<0\>] 0) vsource ...

For the one blow which I just got from google, I have not tried
v1 (A\\<0\\> 0) vsource....

Is there some easy way that I can represent A<0>..A<3> in the stimulus file?
Thank you.