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Recent content by zhaoyimiao

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    Procyon ARMlib-LPC2100

    procyon lib download Can anyone upload one?
  2. Z

    Verilog2001 $signed question

    the first one is correct, if a[7] can be sign bit the second one is also ok.
  3. Z

    Need help with VLSI Median Filter for more than 16 numbers

    Median Filter VLSI Anyone has a good idea for a VLSI Architecture of median filter for more than 16 numbers?
  4. Z

    Synopsys CCSS for Architecture Design

    simulation tool ccss So, what's the best way for Architecture design?
  5. Z

    image processing algorithm used in matlab

    there is a image processing toolbox in matlab. You can show picture, do LP/HP filtering, enhance edge and so on.
  6. Z

    Threading and multi-threading

    Thread in HW maybe point to one datapath, and multithread for multidatapath. They are very common in operating system based SW design.
  7. Z

    How to use MatLab to program DSPs and FPGAs ?

    MatLab matlab maybe not efficient for FPGA and DSP coding.
  8. Z

    CoCentric System Studio (CCSS) or Modelsim for SystemC

    SystemC Concentric SystemC is for algorithm, system and architecture design. ModelSim system is more for verification.
  9. Z

    Which DSP should i be using?

    You need to estimate the MIPS cost first. OFDM may need high speed IFFT and channel codec and other signal processing unite such as equalizer. So it is better to choose a very powerful one. ADI also have some DSPs like blackfin shark.
  10. Z

    What does FDMA stand for?

    fdma?? Is it frquency division multiplex access?
  11. Z

    what is hot-topic in digital design now?

    Uses digital circuits to achieve the RF module's function is a very interesting area. Added after 1 minutes: Digital design for still image processing like digital camera is very hot I think.
  12. Z

    Differences in implementing designs in Asic and FPGA

    fpga vs asic FPGA is not efficient in speed, area and power and it has special memory(dual port), multiplier and clock tree. So, after prototyping, you need to change them.
  13. Z

    Anyone used "OCP" to design SoC?

    Hi, Does AXI efficient in power?
  14. Z

    what is formal verification

    formal verification may induce "false path" so maybe not 100% safe.

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