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Recent content by sumit007

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    Where exactly are EBG structures inserted ?

    Hi.. Can u pls tell me where exactly are EBG structures inserted ? In a Microstrip Patch antenna - are these structures etched on the Ground or Substrate or Patch itself ? Or only Substrate and Patch are etched to form EBG structures ? Or all 3. Another question: What are the criterion for...
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    What kind of feedline can this be called ?

    HI... Is there any technical name given to a feedline that has been etched with a certain structure ? I have a dual patch antenna (shown in fig patch.jpg) Microstrip Line feed Structure (shown in Fig struct.jpg) is the magnified view The feedline as can be seen from the patch.jpg figure...
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    What kind of antenna feedline can this be called ?

    ok I know its microstrip structure.. IS there any technical name given to these type of microstrip line feed structures that have been etched ?
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    What kind of antenna feedline can this be called ?

    Oh.. i think its microstrip line feedline.. But what i cant understand is ... i have etched this microstrip line feedline (the horizontal line) with a certain structure that can be seen in picture1. So after i have etched it.. wat shud it be called ? Can u tell me wats a CPW ? I'm sorry but...
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    What kind of antenna feedline can this be called ?

    Hi.. I am attaching a dual rectangular patch antenna. (twinpatch.png) Also.. the single element that has been etched - picture1.png The feedline connecting the two patches of the antenna has been etched with a structure. Can someone pls tell me.. wat kind of feedline can this be called ...
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    LATEX - Insert Figure

    latex insert figure Hi.. Can someone tell me how to insert a picture in a Latex file ? I have a figure in .jpg format and .emf format.. Thanks.
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    IEEE Journal - Latex Format

    ieee jurnal latex sample To keep things simple, I am typing the document in the same folder (folder name: ABC) that contains those 4 files mentioned above. So i dont need to take this class file to any other folder.. The PCTeX folder is a separate folder. Do i have to take " ABC folder" to...
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    IEEE Journal - Latex Format

    ieee journal format Hi... I want to begin using this Latex format provided by IEEE for journal papers. However, I dont know how exactly it has to be used. I have downloaded the IEEEtran.zip file from the ieee.org website. Unzipped the file & saw these files in it: bare_conf (PCTeX Document)...
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    Matlab Program - GEt S11 from a textfile

    Hi.. I took S11 measurement results for an antenna structure. I got it in a textfile. with this format real part, imaginary part Now i want to convert this into the S11 parameter value using 20 log (base 10) mod(real part + j*imaginary part) So that i get the output as the S11 parameter...
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    What are microstrip transmission lines???

    wow. thanks a lot Yahia Muhammad. That website is really very useful.
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    Feed point - microstrip patch antenna

    feed point microstrip How to determine the feed point location for a rectangular microstrip patch antenna.. Fed by microstrip linefeed. Does it depend on substrate thickness, dielectric constant etc ?
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    Mathematical approach for feedline design

    I want to feed rectangular patch antenna using a microstrip feedline (50 ohm) What is the approach taken ? Are these the 2ways of using a microstrip feedline - 1. Inset feed ==> we find the location on the patch such that its impedance at that point is 50 ohms. And then we use the inset feed...
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    Help me change the feedline distance of antenna in IE3D

    Re: IE3D To add more to my last post.. You said.. The example I show in Fast_Em.bmp is the optimized results with perfect matching at 14.75 GHz. You can change your goals and get the results in seconds. My goal is -- 1. I change the location of the feedline. 2. Goal = Impedances shud be...
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    .dwg to gerber format ?

    dwg to gerber Hi.. someone had sent me a .dwg file. However, the format that is required by a PCB company is in -- Gerber. Can someone tell me how to convert .dwg file to gerber file ? thanx

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