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  1. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] SG3525 Low output voltage

    Hi everyone, can someone help me?, I am using SG3525 for my Push Pull inverter design but each time I design it I get voltage not up to 220v, maybe 201v even if I had Feedback to My circut. Can anyone tell me the Adjustment I to do to get a voltage of 250v without Feedback. Thanks
  2. Pulsetronics

    [SOLVED] ultrasonic sensor hy-srf05 & pic18f4550, urgent !! ASAP.. i need your help

    Make use of your Tmr1 to capture Time then follow Sensor Datasheet to find formular that relate time to distance..
  3. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Cellphone detector circuit problem

    Pls can you provide diagram for your Explanation?
  4. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Cellphone detector circuit problem

    Hey guys I have seen a lot of circuit diagram online but the problem is that its not working very well. Can someone suggest me a better idea or circuit. Thanks
  5. Pulsetronics

    Big LED segment display module

    betwixt where can i get that?
  6. Pulsetronics

    Big LED segment display module

    please can anyone suggest me where i can get a company where i can get a big segment display from?
  7. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Assembly Language in MplabX

    try this processor 16f877a include <p16f877a.inc> __config _XT_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _PWRTE_ON org 0x00 ; start at address 0 movlw b'00000000' ;mov bin 000000000 to w reg banksel TRISC...
  8. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Assembly Language in MplabX

    I didn't see where you configure your outputs. The error "Find directive on first column" means there should always be space in newline before typing. List p=16F877A #include <P16F877A.INC> BSF 03,5 ; bank1 to configure outputs CLRF TRISA. ; make PORTA output CLRF TRISB...
  9. Pulsetronics

    UART Data read Error for GPS with SIM908 and PIC18F4550

    Which Baud rate did you use for your GsM?. its Much better If you Use the Same Baudrate for Both GSM and GPS, I just finished working on same Project using sim908... AT+CGPSPWR=1; AT+CGPSRST=0; AT+CGPSINF=2;
  10. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] SIM908 GPS GooGle Map

    Hi Guys, I tried connecting my Latitude and Longitude data from Sim908 and Microcontroller to Google map but not getting a good link for my Project. Can anyone suggest me a Google map link?
  11. Pulsetronics

    [SOLVED] Problem with led dot matrix display

    Post your code . Let me see where the Error comes from.
  12. Pulsetronics

    [SOLVED] Problem with led dot matrix display

    Your Display Circuit either be in Row scanning or Column scanning, but its more important to scan using rows because of brightness when designing large display www.best-microcontroller-projects.com/led-dot-matrix-display.html
  13. Pulsetronics

    [AVR] Help me with led scrolling message board

    To make 10x100, you are going to make use of Shift Registers Hope this help https://www.edaboard.com/threads/11364/
  14. Pulsetronics

    [SOLVED] Buck Converter for 3 stage battery charger

    No, PIC16F877A is very perfect for your design because of its ADC pins Seeing the relationship between voltage and current in a BULK converter circuit Vout = duty cycle * Vin Iout = Iin * 2 at 50% duty cycle The voltage setpoint can be done using a Feedback from the Vout through a...
  15. Pulsetronics

    [PIC] Microcontroller Power Supply(5v 3A)

    Hey guys I just Finished designing a 96x8 dot matrix using Pic microcontroller and shift register using power supply from 7805 as regulator for both, the brightness is very low, my question can I drive my microcontroller and shift register directly from my SMPS of 5v 3A.

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