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Recent content by ngocthao

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    The output voltage of Boost circuit is very high

    Thanks a lot! This is thing I need!
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    How to design current limit circuit (0.25um technology)?

    Hi everyone, I want to design a current limit circuit (feedback from output of BOOST circuit). Vin: 3.3v -> 5.5v Output: 10v, 20mA Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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    Setup license for IC 6.1 of Cadence

    Setup license for IC 6.1 I installed IC6.1 of Cadence but i didn't how to set up license file. The warning message of ICFB is: ""*WARNING*(icLic-3) COULD NOT GET THE LICENSE Virtuaso_Schematic_Editor_L (deLicense-3)COULD NOT GET THE LICENSE Schematic_L.Trying a higher_tiered license...". I...
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    Novas Debussy license file

    debussy license Help me! I have Novas Debussy v5.3.09 software but I lost license file. Anyone can give me this file (license)? Regards! Thanks.
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    Bandgap vout=1.8v, help me!!!

    coi file nay
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    Where can I get the nWave tool for Windows?

    I need a nWave for Win, please tell me a link to down it, thanks.
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    Buck-Boost: Vout=-10V, Iout=20mA ???

    I'm on project about Buck-Boost regulator. I've just reached Vout=-7V.I need Vout=-10V, Iout=20mA. Anyone can help me? Regards!
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    Convert Assura to Dracula DRC file

    Hi everybody! I have Assura DRC file, but my Cadence can use Dracula. And I want to convert Assura file to Dracula. May anyone help me? Thanks...
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    Looking for detailed schematic of FDC6305N and SI2306DS

    Boost converter Hi! I've parameters of FDC6305N model.I need a schematic of (W,L) parameters of every MOS in it.Google search can't help me. Can you help me? Thanks!
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    Place & Route: I don't understand why?

    But I see lef file just rule for metal and via, not standard cell. May your idea is def file. Let me see... Thanks
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    Place & Route: I don't understand why?

    I have gate-level netlist.v and layout after run place&route, but I count block at layout different block at gate-level netlist. I don't understand why, anyone please help me. And what I must do to repair that... Thanks
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    Shutdown circuit for LDO???

    I need a shutdown crcuit for my LDO. Who can show me the paper or schematic? Thanks.
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    How to find file in Linux

    thank you very much. I will try
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    Looking for detailed schematic of FDC6305N and SI2306DS

    I'm on project with Boost converter. I'm looking for schematic of model: FDC6305N, SI2306DS. Anyone can help me? Thanks!

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