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    RF/MW Transistor Amplifier Design course

    Hello, Can I find any of the following CD/Video courses from Besser Associates: 1) RF Circuit Fundamentals I 2) RF Circuit Fundamentals II 3) RF/MW Transistor Amplifier Design 4) MW Transmission Lines & Their Physical Realizations Thanks JIF
  2. J

    Biasing Small Signal RF amplifier?

    thanks AL0117,I find it very useful,but I think the configuration for (RE,RC,R1//R2) is not available in AppCAD! and I think this configuration is the best for Temp. Stability over large change such as ±50C°,what you think? Mr. J1Lee Where is the application note! Added after 14 minutes...
  3. J

    How to measure S parameteres

    bfr93 s-parameters I want to meature the S parameteres of BFR93A NPN transistor at specific frequency not provided by the manuf., so what should I do to get the S parameters of this device? Thanks
  4. J

    Biasing Small Signal RF amplifier?

    any help on design a bias circuit for Class A amplifier for small signal to satisfy Stable amplifier for Temp.,with low Power consumption(for example:BFR93A NPN,Vce=6V,Ic=1.5mA).And what is the best configuration of the bias network.if there is a Rule of Thumb of the value of VE,VB,RE,R1,R2,RC...
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    Hello, somebody has information on impedance matching for ..

    Re: Hello, somebody has information on impedance matching fo Hello tisutma, I thought you mean"you want design a matching circuit for the input/output port of the HMC414?" if thats write,follow the procedure of the following application note and every things will be done...
  6. J

    About Matching Network Design

    Hello, I think your problem that you ignore the effect of S12,so try to follow the following procedure: 1)calculate the K of the transistor at specified freq., Vce & Ic, if k>1 then your Transistor is unconditionally stable so go through next steps.if not then you have to do another procedure...
  7. J

    Looking for Icom IC-F320 & IC-F30 service manual

    icom f30 service manual Looking for Icom IC-F320 & IC-F30 service manual, please any help?
  8. J

    Looking for USB Case Enclosure?

    Hello, I designed a small circuit interfaced to USB and I am looking for Case to cover my circuit,so please any help? Thanks
  9. J

    Hardware Random Number Generator RS232 COM Port Problem

    Dear Serial_Expert, I asked about USB HRNG do you have it?
  10. J

    high speed USB HRNG(Hardware Random Number Generator)

    usb hrng Hello, Check your PM for my email :D Thanks
  11. J

    high speed USB HRNG(Hardware Random Number Generator)

    cheap hardware random number generator usb Hello friends, I am trying to design high speed USB HRNG(Hardware Random Number Generator), i have a source of random number generator which supply 9600 pbs,and i want to use multi-source of this random generator to satisfy the speed of the USB,so can...
  12. J

    Help me to find Data Sheet of "AF132CJ "

    Hello friends, I have old IC chip "AF132CJ" and i am looking for the Data Sheet for this chip, please any help? JIF
  13. J

    Hardware Random Number Generator RS232 COM Port Problem

    Hi Serial_Expert, Thanks again friend. Regard your request, the HRNG i using now is Serial Module RNG, i bought it as a module and i don't have schematic for this RNG, but i have other one which i work with it 2 year ago and it was nice, just give me time to search for the schematic and i will...
  14. J

    how to minimize vias in PowerPCB/Blazeroute?

    Oh,good point Beepster,actually i did some complex routing befor but i didn't even use manual routing bcz it consume time,but i prefer manual routing in special cases that routeres dosn't satisfy.Anyway i will try to do it manually,also could you please give me some hints help me to improve my...
  15. J

    Looking for IK3002 Chip Data Sheet

    IK3002 Chip Data Sheet?? Hello all, I am looking for Data sheet of IK3002-40pin DIP,Old chip, actually i don't know the family of this chip. any suggestion?? JIF

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