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Recent content by jariey

  1. J

    how to design SAW filter

    hi..just to know basic design of SAW filter.
  2. J

    How to simulate transistor without it in the library of ADS?

    Hi..i already choose the proper transistor for power amplifier design at 2.4GHz..but the problem is that model transistor is not there in the transistor library in ADS. So how to simulate in ADS....please help me...
  3. J

    gain bandwidth product (Ft)+transistor

    gain − bandwidth transistor hi...anyone know about this term? actually i want to design power amplifier at 2.4GHz...so need to select the proper transistor...is it true transistor must i choose at least has Ft=24GHz...? confius.. another problem is about transistor? i confius with terms rf...
  4. J

    power amplifier...need help...

    really...hehehe...so how about ur project..
  5. J

    power amplifier...need help...

    hello.. how to design the power amp with low power consumption? power consumption depend on what?
  6. J

    power amplifier design...very much confuse...

    hi..i want to design the PA based on this specification: v = 2v; I= 4.08mA, supplied power = 8.18mW , gain = 22dB; 2 stage PA;f = 2.4 GHZ can anyone suggest the further step to design that PA...like how to choose a transistor? the design must simulate using ADS --from that spec..how can i...
  7. J

    cascade filter and amplfier using ADS

    hi..how to cascade filter and amplifier using ADS simulator? --after the cascade both..can ADS generate the layout of them?
  8. J

    microstrip band pass filter

    hi...just to ask..which the best implementation of microstrip for BPF? also...how evaluate the performance of filter? ...only see a frequency response or another parameter?
  9. J

    front end design for radio over fiber

    hi..i want to design bpf and pa for radio over fiber technology at 2.4 GHz so..i need to know : - consideration of design - problem to find the type of transistor for pa - implementation for bpf...using microstrip bpf may be?..but which type?
  10. J

    how to design multistage power amp?

    hi... why use multistage...? maximum gain for single stage power amp?
  11. J

    how to choose transistor for power amplifier?

    hi... please suggest the available transistor for PA design at 2.4GHZ characteristic: low power..high gain application:radio over fiber

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