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Recent content by hnejati

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    How to enhance Linux server priority?

    server priority use the admin pass to change the priority in nice level
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    MMSIM installation in Cadence?

    what is mmsim I need to use the MMSIM6.2 too. can you upload it
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    Model order reduction

    Can any body introduce a good resouce for MOR ?
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    is anyone interested in terahertz?

    terahertz I am actually pretty familiar with GHz and now I want to switch to THz and femto second laser based communication
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    is anyone interested in terahertz?

    terahertz I am interested in terahertz communication can you suggest a good source
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    Automotive Embedded system

    I prefer the CCSS by synopsis
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    Transfer Matrix method

    You can either use the pozar or any other books specially in photonic crystal or periodic strucctures like sekoda
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    A problem on 3D simulation with CAMFR

    Can anybode helps me to find a good resource on this software
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    A problem in memory design

    as small as possible you mean which foundary? micro controller
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    combining digital layout with analog layout

    thanks I want to knoe the name of software
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    Sizing the MOSCAP transistor for specified capacitance value

    moscap I suggest the Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices(by Taur and Ning) book with a chapter on MOSCAP.
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    MOS varactor structures

    This configuration as Khouly mentioned before known as MOSCAP. actually you can find bunch of relative texes on internet if you search for MOSCAP.
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    Help me understand the hall field effect in semiconductors

    SEMICODUCTOR PHYSICS Hall effect is mainly because of magnetic field, which bend the electrons moving in the field and then the accumulation of charges cause a voltage , known as hall voltages
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    (HELP)Amorphus Vs poly crystal

    you can use crystalography book in the link below: lib.org.by
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    Websites where you can find some Mathematics books

    lib.homelinux.org/ you can use lib.org.by as mahematician said this site is really great and full of ebooks and there are some related books on nuclear energy there too.

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