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    Electrical Engineering Project

    I have no idea what to start with. I don't know the exact difference between electrical and electronic project(ain't both roughly the same). Yes, i know some computer software(C and C++)
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    Electrical Engineering Project

    Looking for a small interesting project which can be completed in 40-50 days. I don't want to start a lengthy project which can not be completed before finals. Please give some ideas on this. Thanks in advance
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    Which Microcontroller to use

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am familiar with the C/C++ programming but i dont know anything about the microcontrollers. We are studying the 8085 in this semester but we still haven;t reached the interfacing part. I also do not know how to connect the LCDs, keyboard etc to the microcontroller...
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    Which Microcontroller to use

    I am doing a project and i am confused on which microcontroller to use. The microcontroller has has to provide pulses for the induction motor. It is basically a closed loop control system in which we have to control the speed of induction motor using PWM technique. The block diagram...

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