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  1. byteptr

    Common grid tube amplifier

    There are some amplifiers that must have low input impedance,high output impedance and operate at high frequencies, the common grid amplifier is the best choice. (Example: for loading high Q resonant circuit). You can use common grid/gate/base amplifier up to ft of active component for making...
  2. byteptr

    how to measure phase noise of signal above 100GHz?

    Hi, if your oscillator is very noisy, try injection locking tecnique.
  3. byteptr

    Homemade circulator: Looking ferrite vendor/supplier

    Hi, does anyone knows a special ferrite vendor/supplier for circulators ? Best regards.
  4. byteptr

    controlled impedance trace

    To avoid reflections, power loss, and distortion in communication / power systems
  5. byteptr

    tube square wave generator

    You can make with one tube - resonant circuit and then place saturation circuit. Is not relaxation oscillator, but it works. (keep in mind that resonant circuit plays the role of transformer in amplitude tranbsformation ratio) Best regards.
  6. byteptr

    design of CMOS low noise amplifier

    Hi, what does mean "procedure"? You mean circuit topology? simulate procedure in cadence? or circuit calculations?
  7. byteptr

    Wilkinson Power Divider Design Question

    power dividers antenna 2.4 Added after 1 minutes: Sorry for the mistake about html code.
  8. byteptr

    Request for papers "GaAs Power Amplifier Design,"

    Re: Request for papers Hi, there is another section for paper request. Look into homepage. Best Regards.
  9. byteptr

    Which OS to install first?

    Hi, y have also ubunto, y completely removed windows. If you want to use windows software you can use wine / xine / vmware. Personaly I use wine / vmware
  10. byteptr

    frequecy divider of digital signals

    you can make edge detector by combinational logic and one delay-cell. Look this https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_4/chpt_10/5.html BR
  11. byteptr

    How to estimate the linearity of RF transformer??

    Hi, I think you can measure the nonlinearity by the classic two tone test or triple beat method. First I start with pure tone and superposed DC Bias for magnetization curve and extracting the tranformer parameters. Because two or more tone test is difficult if not high isolation (the sum of...
  12. byteptr

    Unlicenced Band in India

    unlicenced band radio also 433 MHz but I belive under 50 mW BR
  13. byteptr

    microstrip diplexer filter

    You can try this also: https://home.sandiego.edu/~ekim/e194rfs01/filterek.pdf [/url] Best Regards
  14. byteptr

    impedance transformer on UHF

    impedance transformer -ferrite uhf if is for reception a small binocular transformer made by 8:5 turns ratio can be done good results. Since 8/5 = 1.6 and (1.6)^2 = 2.56 close to desired ratio. Try also a quarter wave transformer made by microstrip. Multisection transformer gives you broadband...
  15. byteptr

    What is the design BOTTLENECK of a RF transceiver?

    Hi, I'm designing very high power amplifier for wireless communications (2 kW), in my case efficiency/linearity is the bottleneck. For satellite communications I think that the bottleneck is LNA, but also good efficiency is important, and good response to extreme enviromental factors such as...

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