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    Small Battery Charger design help

    Thanks for your replies. So from above suggestions i learned two things. 1) i must introduce 200mA fuse. 2) i must use a transistor at the output and switch the comparator inputs. Am i right? which value of resistor i must use with zener, to limit the current to 200mA? but i biased the lm741...
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    [SOLVED] how to make voice calls/voice mail from GSM modem sim300 using AT commands

    To make a call, connect mic and speaker as described in the data sheet. then make a call by using AT command "ATD" followed by the number. To attend a call use ATA command and to hang a call use ATH command. Hope it helps.
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    Take analog input 0-5V accordingly vary Ton peroid of LED connected to ATmege32 MCU

    Feed 1V to the ADC and read the value from ADC, may be by sending it to ur pc through serial port. Note down this value. Then repeat this by giving other volts 2,3,4 etc and read adc values. then select a range between the values of adc and make ur led blink accordingly. Hope it helps :)
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    Embedded System mini Projects

    Make a seven segment based Digital clock using 8051 micro-controller. Very basic project but good learning is involved. Also you can get extensive help from internet on this topic.
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    Small Battery Charger design help

    Guys i am trying to make a small battery charger for a small 3V dry cell battery. i designed this circuit which works on 220VAC and 50Hz. Circuit is capable of supplying 5V DC and 200mA current. Zener diode is of 5V rating. Can you please take a look at my design and please tell whether the...
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    Hall Effect for Flow Measurment

    Actually I am trying to measure the total water consumed from a tank.
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    Hall Effect for Flow Measurment

    Thanks for your response guyz. Well i m trying to measure the total fluid passed from a particular point. Fluid is liquid, water may be.Well someone pushes the on button to open the valve and fluid starts to flow from it and then he presses a stop button. I want to measure how much water is...
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    Hall Effect for Flow Measurment

    Well guyz i am trying to make a flow meter or specifically how much fluid has been passed out of the pipe in the particular time. I am thinking to use a hall sensor for this. Is it the right sensor? and i do not want to buy any ready-made flow meter because they are rather industrial and bit...
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    need embedded c codes for reading digital output from IR sensor for 8051!

    Do not ask people to spoon feed you by looking for codes. You can tell your inputs and outputs and ask for help in the logic or if you are experiencing some problems. This is not the Engineers way.
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    HELP(keypad to 7segment multiplexing problem)

    Can you please elaborate that what do you want? are you experiencing some problem in code?
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    [SOLVED] Serial to USB Converter Circuit

    Well friends i want to make a Serial to usb converter for my electronic projects as i do not have a serial port in my pc. I got few schematics of Converter but they did not talk about any driver which i think is must (correct me if i am wrong). I need your help because i do not want to make a...
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    usb to serial convertor

    Although the thread is closed for long. But for people coming now from search the given link might be useful. i didnt test it but it a easy circuit. USB to Serial Adapter RS-232

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