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Analog IC Tips: Choosing between a Sigma-Delta ADC vs. SAR vs. Pipeline

Assuming that you are familiar with the fundamental specifications of an ADC and what they mean, the next step is to know your entire signal chain well and then work to fit the ADC to the requirements. After carefully determining signal chain requirements, then select your ADC with the understanding that if the ADC is mismatched, it can report imperfect or misleading data to the controller/processor, and this can be difficult to track down, because the processor will accept what it receives whether the digitized data accurately represents the data or not.


Figure 1: Sensors with slower-to-change analog data are to the left of the X-axis. Resolution on the Y-axis is related to accuracy. Source: Texas Instruments,

One of the first considerations is what input your ADC has to work with. Sensors can vary widely in the sampling bandwidth; this translates to how.. Read full post here in EEWorldOnline.


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