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Zigbee Project Clarification

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Anirban Danny Shaw

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Apr 21, 2015
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I'm currently making a green house wireless sensor project.
In this project im using a LM35 and Humidity sensor,which goes into the IN ports of the ADC 0808.
From there im using a microcontroller (AT989s52) to program the conversion of the analog signals to digital using the ADC.
From there the micrcontroller will be sending data to the zigbee1.
That will wirelessly transmit data to the Zigbee2, which is connected to the PC.
Uptil now the interfacing between the ADC and 8051 has been done.
Both the zigbees have been tested to communicate with each other.
Hyperterminal is being used to receive the data on the PC.
I have two places which is really confusing me.
1. To send the data from the AT89s52 to the xbee via the Rx and Tx, do i have to write a seperate program? Or does the data from the microcontroller go to the Tx and therefore the Din of the Xbee.
If i do have to write a program ..where do i write it, as the 8051 is flashed with the program interfacing the ADC and 8051.
2. I need to send a control signal back to the microcontroller to light a LED if the temp exceeds a certain amount. How do i do that?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

For X-bee Modules, as you said you have tested it,

I am just reviewing it You might has one co-ordinator and one as Router So on the PC side connect the zigbee as it is (that you have tested)

Now in the 8051 mcu side Connect the Tx line to Xigbee's pin and send the chars / string whatever you were sending like as on when you have tested it independenatly ,
Let me know if any problem occurs !!

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