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$ynplify Pro 7.1 under RH7.3

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Dick Hou

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Jul 31, 2001
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I install it on Redhat 7.3,but when i try to run it,I got the following message:

: line 147: 1762 Aborted $SYN_HOMEDIR/$PLATFORM/mbin/$SYN_PRGM $SYN_ARGS

Any guyes can tell me why?
Tanks very much!

I help someone to install synplify7.1 in his redhat7.3
And it work fine. I guess the path is incorrect and it can not find the
execution file . It seem the $PLATFORM should append /bin/mbin/synplify_pro
I have the problem in uncompress the archive's internal symbolic file.
After uncompress it change to 0 size file in stead of the original symbolic
link file. Maybe it's the cause of ur problem. Check it the orginal tar.gz .

It runs fine for me under RH 7.3 and all I did was
download, decompress, and run!


Thanks to you!
I had seen the file again,they are all ok,and the path I had set right,because I can run $ynplify_pro every where.
Any one have other ideas?

I install it in my Notebook. I found the same problem .
Now the work around solution is to telnet localhost
and keep ur xhost +
It only work in such enviroment
1. after startx set xhost + and telnet localhost and it work .
2. dont use startx , use
X &
twm -display :0 &
and it work too.

But I only have one PC! :oops:

I means local telnet . Not from one pc to another pc.

I had find out the reason!
It can't run on local is Chinese! You must run locale_config and then select Engish(USA), then all are rights!

Dick :
Ya. You got the point. I have the same problem.
It can only run in ENG lang config.
I can run it by telnet localhost to login if it is not in ENG config.
Otherwise it got problem.

I tried many times to find the reason. I'm very glad now.

The real reason isn't it.
The key is XIM.If you close your XIM,it will be ok.

The same problem will be found in Mentor Precision, and synplify7.6. Because all those are using MWM tech to port their gui from windows system to *nix system.

Here is a simple solution:

1: get your locale infomation
$> locale
LANG=xxxxxxxxxx (eg. zh_CN.GB18030)
2:find in its execute script file: (eg. /usr/synplify/bin/config/execute )


if [ "/bin/locale | grep -q 'LANG=zh_CN.GB18030'" ]; then
LANG=C; export LANG;

That's all. This method can work well in RHEL3,RH9,FC1.......

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