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Xilinx System Generator Blocks

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Dec 22, 2005
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2d fir mdl xilinx

is there a way for the blocks to determine the output block parameters?

for example: there is a demo of a 2d-fir filter for an image. i looked undermask to see how they do it. they convert the image to a serial stream, filter, then recreate the image.

when they recreate the image, they used a buffer. they did not specify the size of the output buffer, but used variables R*C in the output buffer size parameter. its the same for the block for converting 1-d to 2-d.

is R and C common variable? or do i have to initialize it first? that is R represent the rows of input and C represent the columns of input.

They are probably initialized in an "m" file somewhere.
Which demo are you looking at? I opened "2-D Image Filtering using a 5x5 Operator", but I don't see R or C anywhere.

**broken link removed**

this is the filename edge_detection_fixed_elaborate.mdl

i've got another question.

xilinx have a 5x5 filter which have 9 2-d filter coefficients. The help file states "You can substitute your own coefficients and scale factor by modifying the mask of the 5x5 filter block, under the Initialization tab."

How do i call out the initialization tab?

I'm getting tons of warnings about missing files in that edge detection project.

The R and C values are initialized in the model initialization function. Right-click the empty white background -> Model Properties -> Callbacks tab.

I can't find that 5x5 filter initialization tab either.

hahaha .. i juz found it out by clicking the wrong link .. lol ... right click the block .. its under "edit mask" .. i wanted to click "look under mask" .. and found it .. lol ..

What did you right-click? When I right-click the 5x5filter block, I see "Look Under Mask", but not "Edit Mask". It's not in the drop-down Edit menu either. I'm using Simulink 6.1 (R14SP1).

oh .. you have to disable the link to the library first .. then you can edit it .. im using the same version as u

Added after 3 minutes:

echo, do you know about the virtex/virtex2 line buffer block? how does it different from the delay?

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