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xilinx ChipScope Pro 5.2i released

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Nov 7, 2001
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Leading-edge, real-time debug and verification capabilities for Xilinx FPGAs featuring Agilent Trace Core; enabling deep trace for on-chip debug

The size, speed, and board requirements of today's state-of-the-art FPGAs make it nearly impossible to debug designs using traditional logic analysis methods. Flip-chip and ball grid array packaging do not have exposed leads that can be physically probed. Xilinx has the solution: ChipScope Pro. Built on the pioneering ChipScope ILA product, ChipScope Pro embeds logic analyzer (ILA) and bus analyzer (IBA) cores into your design. These cores allow the user to view all the internal signals and nodes within your FPGA, including the IBM CoreConnect Processor Local Bus (PLB) or On-Chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) supporting the IBM PowerPC 405 inside the industry-leading Virtex-II Pro™ FGPA. With the new Agilent trace core (ATC), ChipScope Pro can interface directly to the Agilent FPGA Trace Port Analyzer, giving you deeper trace memory, faster clock speeds, more trigger options, all using fewer pins on the FPGA. This unique partnership from Xilinx and Agilent delivers more real-time debug power where you need it than any other real-time debug solution on the market.

Go to the product purchase area to buy your copy of ChipScope Pro 5.2i or download your free 30-day evaluation copy today.

New in ChipScope Pro 5.2i

All of the capabilities of ChipScope ILA and ChipScope Pro 5.1i
New Virtual I/O Core (VIO) enabling users to insert "on-the-fly" virtual inputs such as DIP switches or buttons to any ChipScope Pro core.
Integration to ISE Project Navigator, allowing real-time verification planning to be added up-front to the design flow, select cores and connection points through an "easy-to-use" core insertion GUI, automated compilation and re-compilation of cores based on the design flow, and more...
The ChipScope Pro Integrated Bus Analyzer (IBA) core now supports both the IBM CoreConnect processor local bus (PLB) and on-chip peripheral bus (OPB).
Support for enhanced High-Speed Parallel IV and MultiLINX cables
Agilent Fast Binary Data Format (FBDF) allows for outputing on-chip data to the Agilent 16700 Logic Analyzers for enhanced debug.
Unleash the power of true Programmable Systems design with Virtex-II™ and Virtex-II Pro™. The combination of up to four PowerPC405 cores, up to 24 Rocket I/O serial transceivers, over 10 Mbits of on-chip BlockRAM, and the most popular FPGA fabric on the market provides users with a true platform for System-On-a-Chip design. ChipScope Pro, built for Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro devices, enables visibility and access never before available to "SoC" designers. This access and visibility enables a new development paradigm where designers can debug and verify on-chip, in real-time, ultimately reducing overall design time.

ChipScope Pro Capabilities

Integrated Bus Analysis - industry first IBA core enabling transaction analysis and protocol violation and detection
Agilent Trace Core - brings the benefits of deep sample storage to on-chip debug
Virtual I/O Core - enables users to insert "on-the-fly" virtual inputs such as DIP switches or buttons to any ChipScope Pro core.
Integrated Logic Analysis - ILA core enables debug on any internal FPGA signal
Remote Debug - using the optional Agilent FPGA Trace Port Analyzer users can connect via ethernet and perform debug remotely
Multiple Analysis Cores - up to 15 ILA and IBA cores per device with no clock restrictions
Maximum Sample Depth - using the Agilent Trace Port Analyzer provides sample storage for up to 2 million samples
Industry Partnerships - with Agilent Technologies, Synplicity Certify and Certify SC
Analysis core input changes on the fly - using ISE FPGA Editor no design re-compile required
plus much more...
ChipScope Pro Product Brochure

chipscope pro registration id


could you please also support a valid (working) registration ID?

Is the agilent trace required for chipscope to work or not.
We don't have funds for the agilent trace. would chipscope work without it .

atc chipscope

nitr8 said:
Is the @gilent trace required for chipscope to work or not.
We don't have funds for the @gilent trace. would chipscope work without it .

Of course, it will! Agilent Trace Core is just one of features they introduced in ChipScope 5.1. You can use or not.


fbdf chipscope

I have chipscope 5.1i with license.I'd like to exchange it for a license of FPGA Advantage5.4 or Modelsim5.7c with my chipsope5.1i SN.

touch with me pls!:)

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