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windows interrupt ???

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Dec 13, 2002
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windows interrupt

Does somebody know how I can catch the timer interrupt with Visual C++ to handle a PID?
I need only to know how to modify the interrupt vector table to my handler in visual C under Windows NT, windows 2000 or xp.

wdm driver interrupt.vector


no no ... changing a interrupt vector table in NT 2000 and XP is very complicated and it need a writing a pice of code using DDK.... and it isn't a easy task ....

but in user mode you can use
SetTimer KillTimer and Callbacks etc...

what you want to do exactly?
maybe there are other ways to do that...


windows interrupt vectors

Try Jungo universal driver or Tvichw32 driver package

ddk timer interrupt clock windows

As uther8472 said, for creating a timer there is no need to hook the timer of the PC

(and in all case it's not possible, the timer is used by windows for the multi-tasking. To do what you want whit the timer, you should unlock port range of the timer, and after, all you do with the timer will be repercuted to win - accelrate the timer accelerate all things that are related to time, for example cursor blinking, effects on windows and so on ... very dangerous -- it DO NOT said it make windows go faster !)

To use timer you can use
-SetTimer, not very accurate (more than 10 ms)
-Multimedia Timer (you can expect 1 ms)
-Timer in a driver. You can increase the rezsolution (not really easy), but it can be made.

Another mean to do precise timer is (if you have a Pentium - it don't work under 486 and so on .. but today ...), is to use the time stamp of the processor (a counter that count at the frequencey of the processor)
Another time, it should be done in a driver ... but this I have already made it (PM me)

The first question was 'how to hook an interrupt'. Under Win9x, you should use the things provided with the DDK. It's not very esay, but it's possible ...
Un der WinNT/2K/XP you should use what is provided by win too .... but you should handle PNP and so on .... not very esay ...

Other possibility under NT/2K/XP. Hook directly the interrupt. it's not as simple as in real mode (the processor is here in protected mode), BUT it's possible, and work well if you don't do bad things in it (andf this is not so easy), but I do it with succes ...

c++ windows interrupt

I've written driver for RTC clock, but only for Windows 95/98 (Vxd and WDM). I tried to run WDM driver under Windows 2000/XP, but it crashed because Win2000 don't share IRQ8. I heared about cathing this interrupt in Ring 0 mode, but system worked unstable after that.

windows + multitasking+interrupt+rtc

Hi, lollobrigido

Simple app.: h**p://

BR, pin

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