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Windows driver programming

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drivers programming download

I have book "Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model" second edition, but I haven´t source codes from included CD.

Does anybody have it?

top programmer 2007 driver

you can fine some excelent firmwares and programs (in VB and VC++) in "USB Complete" book from John Axelson.She has developed a good example for a HID device which includes both sides,PC and USB device.The program for PC includes some API functions which you can use for other USB classes too,only have to implement its speciall specification.
Her site is which you can download the source code from.It's free too.

Another implementation and source code for USB is done by Jhon Hyde on intel site


programming windows driver model cd

i guess the book should be put on the download/upload ebook section so that more users could find it easily

I need <<Program the Windows Driver Model>>, but I can download it, because I have not enough point.My god!

can anyone upload or give a link for source codes and samples of the 2nd edition? or the companion CD?
20 points reserverd.
thanks a lot.


dose anyone have a working link to dwonload compuware driver studio??!!

Hossam Alzomor

Windriver is almost the standard toolset kit for windows drivers development.
Can someone recommend a linux driver development toolset?

The ftp link given above for the compuware driver studio is not working. Does anyone have a working link?

the above book related to windows drivers programming ....can u tell in which language it has been written....either c,c++ or VC++

yes i just check out jungo it seems to be the best right now xbox 360 dev is using it.

Please idon't know how i get source code for "Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model" please share ?

Added after 11 minutes:


this is new documentation free Microsoft WDK

you can download it in:
**broken link removed**

Here is another book with sources:

Good Luck !

Is there source code with the book?

I have got the SoftICE,but I don't know how to upload it.It is very large.

where can dwnload WinDriver 9.21 with keygen?

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