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[SOLVED] Willem Universal Programmer Schematic

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Jan 29, 2006
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willem programmer

i need the Eagle schematic file of the Willem universal programmer V 4.5;
i've the schematic but in bmp format, can i import it to eagle as a schematic?
help plz.
TeE ThE EdE.

willem programmer schematic

A much proper request would be : Who is willing to help me drawing this schematics with eagle:
**broken link removed**

I have the components layout diagram too : **broken link removed**

You can get one for 12 euro on willem shop:

**broken link removed**

Hope to be more lucky on willem forum:
**broken link removed**
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willem schematic

can you help me drawing the schematic of willem v 4
i found it more applicable.
thx anyway
TeE ThE EdE.

universal programmer schematic

The Willem 4.1 is better for EPROMs (more VPP options) and serial devices (4.5 doesn't support serial). A transistor switch for VCC is standard; the optional relay addresses voltage drop in the transistor when programming NMOS EPROMs or CMOS devices that draw more than 40mA Icc. On that design, you can only use the transistor or relay, not both. I don't use the relay for FWH/LPC devices because VCC is switched and the relay makes a racket.

The 4.5 is intended for FLASH (only have VPP=12.5V option, but has more VCC options), but doesn't support serial devices, DIP24, 27SF* erase. It has a TSOP48 socket which eliminates an expensive adapter if you want to program devices in that package.

I know why you found v4.1 more applicable (you need support for serial devices and don't need the TSOP48 now, it can be added later with an additional plugin board)

As I told, the pleasure of doing yourself the board cannot be denied.
Read this Eagle tutorial:
**broken link removed**
It must be a first time. Why wouldn't be now ?
You'll gain experience.
If you're in rush (though you should not, even if the life it's so short) buy a ready made PCB.
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willem pcb

Just one question ...

Did we have schematic or PCB layout for 4.1 version or not?

Im interested in to make one for my self ..


willem programmer schematics

Yes we have:
**broken link removed**
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silvio said:
Yes we have:
**broken link removed**

Thanks for very fast answer!

It's tested schematic?? Some problem with it? I can make eagle file from schematic, but if somebody have tested PCB(eagle or jpg or..) it will be much faster ...

Any another suggestion will be wellcome ...

By the way it's one- or double-sided PCB?

thanks in advance!
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willem programmer forum

Hi komi,

Go to**broken link removed** and try to contact moxer111 member.
He is deeply involved in making board in eagle for v4.1 and I've notice he received until now technical support from DL.
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willem universal programmer

what are all teh chips that can be programmed using the willem programmer version 4.1. plz its urgent am in need of a universal microcontroller programmer.

willem 4.1

Hi erodeboy,

It happens to read replies to your starting thread 18 Mar 2006 19:08 ?

I can't claim Willem is universal programmer, but can program most of the common circuits used today.
What is the circuit you want to be programmed urgent ?
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