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why these connectors for industrial environments outrageous prices !!

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Electro nS

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Mar 9, 2013
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i donot now if this is the right place to ask this question

but i would like to know designers how work in industrial or military products , how they choose their connectors ?

the prices seem crazy high on IP65 and up metal connectors on mouser even in 100pcs quantities , some cost up to 50 to 100 $ for 1 male and female connector ,
so if you use 3-4 connectors in your design , it becomes more expensive than the board and enclosure
and sometimes makes the design not cost effective!!!

so please specify where you can get cheap (10$ per connector) connectors like these :



I don't see anything particularly outrageous there, 40 - 80 AMPS, @ IP65 or better, that can survive in the field is always going to cost (The Lemo stuff makes these seem cheap, but the Lemos are really, really nice).

Have a look at the Souriau UTS series for some cheaper parts that may or may not suit, also Harting have a massive range of sometimes interesting connectors.

Generally, MIL anything is a cost multiplier, but there are intermatable plastic mousing versions of those circular bayonet connectors that are cheaper.

For low current controls stuff, there is a semi standardized 4 pin affair that is used on industrial control valves and some servo motors, cannot remember the name, but it will be easy enough to track down.

FWIW, when pricing connectors of this sort, Farnell/Mouser/Digikey almost always quote daft money, talk to a specialist supplier for far more reasonable prices.

Also, something to watch, many connectors are only IP rated when mated, and they sometimes leak like a sieve when unmated, just a subtle gotcha that burned me in a salt water environment.

And yea, connectors costing more then the electronics is fairly routine.

Regards, Dan.
thank u very much for the extensive reply , that summed alot of staff for me

some of the connectors you recommended were helpful .

and most of the time i really donot need high current , most 1-3 amp so please specify those connectors you talked about "standardized 4 pin affair that is used on industrial control valves and some servo motors" , or provide a picture
all i care about is that they are rugged and sealed .

best regards

What makes MIL or some industrial connectors expensive is
the layers of testing, qualification, certification that have to
be provided to satisfy the customers' implicit or explicit
demands. Much of this flows down from system or regulatory
specs that the customer cannot escape, so the vendor knows
they can charge full freight and recoup all of this non-material
(and engineering-heavy, not very outsourceable to lowest cost
subcontractot) work.

You want the same thing, cheap? Buy surplus. But you have to
be able to forego certainty and documentation. Can you?
Have a look at the DIN 43650 stuff for low current up to 4 pins, cheap and very widely available.

Regards, Dan.
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