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Why interruption occurs in the phone when I touch a metal?

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Jul 14, 2005
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Why when I open my PC's case or any metallic part and touch it with my hand or with a screw driver I hear this low noise sound? Try it :)

I've posted this already in a previous post as a reply, but no one replied, I think it was agains the rules, so here is the question again!!

maybe no one knows the answer...even I, i just think that it has something to do with your body's conductivity,

Maybe its the humming sound produced in the transformer. Transformer always do that! Try to open a power supply and you can hear a low volume metallic sound. At this moment, I open my printer's power supply and it does produce a soft metallic sound. :)

Re: Why interruption occurs in the phone when I touch a meta

No NO!! You got me wrong neoaspilet11 :)
It happens when I'm speaking in the phone! :):)

Sounds like there is something wrong with your home's telephone system, it might be grounded improperly or there's a ground loop with the power system's earth ground.

Re: Why interruption occurs in the phone when I touch a meta

Hi Sceadwian,

Can you please explain it more?

I'm not a telco technician so I really can't explain more, I was just makeing a rough guess, you'd have to contact your local tele;phone company.

I think your PC is not grounded there for you have noise in your phone when touching it. it may be 50Hz (60Hz) noise.

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