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Which protocol to use for sending SMS using PLC?

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Jan 30, 2002
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Looking for specifications or tutorial about the protocol used to send SMS.
The aim is using a PLC connected to a standard modem to send alarms.

I think it s the TAP protocol but I haven't find anything really interesting
about it.

sms protocol

What's SMS ???

pstn sms protocol

hi .. you should read your modem manual.
there are at commands to send sms but they slightly differ from modem to modem. i can send you some docs abt wavecom and ericsson modems if interested.



bmg protocol

Use AT commands?

firefox sms protocol

Not really : using SMS messages require more than simple AT commands. Those commands just manage the parameters of the modem and the dialing procedure.

There s a protocol used to send the message to the local phone company which will redirect the message to the target GSM.
It's the description of that protocol which would be interesting for me

ota, sms, tutorial, protocol

hi .. i do no know exactly what you mean. I cans send sms from may gsm modem to other gsm phone via at command. You have to send AT command with PDU which is 7bit encoded sms. Other possibility is to inerract with sms centre via BMG protocol. Unfortuntelly BMG protocol need client on the other side and gsm operator will charge it for you.



smpp pdu building

nukhung said:
What's SMS ???

Short Message Service (SMS) is the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. Messages must be no longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters and contain no images or graphics.

Once a message is sent, it is received by a Short Message Service Center (SMSC), which must then get it to the appropriate mobile device.

To do this, the SMSC sends a SMS Request to the home location register (HLR) to find the roaming customer. Once the HLR receives the request, it will respond to the SMSC with the subscriber's status: 1) inactive or active 2) where subscriber is roaming.

If the response is "inactive", then the SMSC will hold onto the message for a period of time. When the subscriber accesses his device, the HLR sends a SMS Notification to the SMSC, and the SMSC will attempt delivery.

The SMSC transfers the message in a Short Message Delivery Point to Point format to the serving system. The system pages the device, and if it responds, the message gets delivered.

The SMSC receives verification that the message was received by the end user, then categorizes the message as "sent" and will not attempt to send again.

sms protocol commands

look here .. maybe some other infos ...
**broken link removed**

sms pdu format cdma

althought u dont want to use gsm-phones i post this for the users who r looking for this ... information about TAP and UCP will follow
The AT-commands for Mobile Equipment(ME) are defined in GSM 07.05 & GSM 07.07 available on for free

also have a look @ this topic:
**broken link removed**

here they are:

interface cdma modems to microcontroller

3 types of sending sms messages are popular ..
using either ucp or tap for connection to the smsc via modem
or using at+c commands for ME (as posted before)

tap and ucp are also used for pager messages...
the tap specification was availabe on but isnt anymore ... so i'll attach it.
useful links:
**broken link removed**
theres a huge directory of tap phone numbers here :
**broken link removed**

smsc ucp protocol microcontroller

Wow you posted all that I needed.
that right AT commands are also usable to do it by gsm modems.
some interesting infos about it on the products manuals of Westermo

thank you cancel and dsp_

sms protocol nr

Hi sklux and others,

I am also looking for a manual or some info about sending SMS with a PLC with a normal STANDARD modem NOT GSM modems. There are software programs witch do this over PC and normal PSTN modem line. But I think there's a hard "secret" protocol behind.
So the purpose is to send SMS without a GSM, but with a serial modem (normal telephone line) these modems don't have the SMS AT subset, so it has to be something different ?
And sklux, i do have a normal dial-up westermo modem.

Monty 8)

PS: i want to link S5 and S7 siemens PLC's with SMS alarming

how sms protocol looks

may be this reference will be useful
**broken link removed**

wavecom mms protocol

this reference will be useful too
**broken link removed**

siemens sms protocol

There are some ActiveX/COM components usefull for sending/recieving SMS and performing another task on the cellphone:

**broken link removed**

microcontroller ucp sms

Hi there,

Have a look on this file, you will find all what you need.

Hope this is helpful enough.

Yours, :wink:

sms pdu sequence in cdma

is it possible to send sms messages using the phone and dtmf codes? like in the old pagers???



samsung ota bitmap


Here is datasheet for Siemens T20 GSM modem. There is list of all AT commands you need for using SMS.

I was working on project where 8051 application was sending measured data thru the modem to server. data was sent everytim when server requested to do so. The manual contains standard AT command which should be compatible wih other modesm.



sms-protocol nokia

I'm sorry,

the previous one is for falcom modems
Here is the right one.

U can find GSM (SMS) related stuff on



I 've figured it out.

Now i'm able to send sms messages from almost every serial device.
So also including a PLC (ex. S7) with a normal PSTN modem :)
You can dial a SMTP central (it's a GSM number) with a normal PSTN modem. Then when the connection is made you just send some coded stuff onto this serial connection and you're done.
Well the coded stuff is UCP. I've figured out 2 commands:

01 : send SMS
30 : send SMS + extra stuff (like delayed delivery,...)

Does anyone have a detailed documentation or ebook about the UCP commands and it's parameters ?

I noticed some provider specific parameter in command nr. 01:

ex. : 01/00360/O/01/0475332211//proximus/3/

proximus is my GSM provider, what's the use of that parameter ? Does anyone have a description of all parameters for command 01 ? and 30 ?


Monty 8)

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