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Which LCDs are suitable for PIC ??

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Feb 19, 2002
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whis is type pic software

hello ppl,

I want to work with LCDs under PIC µC (I have 16F877) but no idea which LCD should/can i use. I 've surfed for tutorials/examples in internet, but it hasn't given me very helpful infos.
Can anyone suggest me, which LCD ( graphic or character ... dont know the difference !) should i use just for learning, and which are available commenly ( e.g. in conrad, germany ). any example/tutorial link will also be very appreciateed.

I'll be very thankfull.

I have now some experience with PIC in MPASM, so it is not new for me to program the pic.


any character based LCD display from Conrad is OK. All those modules use the same controller chip HD44780 and you can find the routines for this type of LCD on any PIC Web page.

Those relatively cheap modules are character based. It means that they have a fixed character set which can be displayed and also they have couple of user-defined characters.
Those modules are available in various sizes like 1x16, 2x20, 4x20 etc. First number is number of lines and second number is the number of characters per line.

Graphical LCDs are different, more expensive, but you can address any dot on the display, so you can for example draw a circle on LCD.

I would recommend that you should start with some cheap character based LCD. For example 2x20 is nice, you will have two rows of informations, 20 characters per line.More than enough for debug messages, user input etc.


Unless you are hung up on using a basic PIC chip you might want to try using the Parallax basic stamp BS24p. This is a PIC/Scenix chip with a set of BASIC commands built in
This device is programmable in a form of BASIC which includes commands for directly talking to most commonly available LCD Character Displays. It makes getting started incredibly easy.
I have used STAMPS for several years and been highly pleased.
The software is freely available from:

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