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Which languages are most popular in programming industry?

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Jul 5, 2005
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Which is the language that is most commonly used to develop applications by software companies? I want to learn a programming language that would be beneficial when looking for a job. I dont want to invest a lot of time and resources to learn something that is not used anymore. I learned a little bit of visual basic but it is platform dependent. (I know many of the hardcore programmers will tell me each language is for a specific task... but i am looking fo a language that is used within most software companies)\]

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

I don't think there is a suitable answer for your question.
It depends on the industry you are going into.
Programming is usually limited to certain type of platform.

For application level, I think java is a good choice.
It is less dependant on platform.

For lower level programming (hardware),
C would be a good choice.

I like assembly laguage, which is very depenant on platform,
but I learn a lot from it.

It depends, each language has it's pro & con.
You have to decide.

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

siongboon is correct. it depends on your interest and the market to get job in a particular technology / specilization.

to add to siongboon, you can consider .Net ( i know its not a porgramming language, but has good market), and ABAP (SAP)

please remember one thing, if you are new to industry you have to get a job, after that you can think of your interest and shift to the respective areas

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

thanx a lot for your answers...
I already work as an engineer but i would like to expand my skills, I think programming is a good choice... (i noticed that most engineering companies have programmers who make job specific programs... my company makes programs in visual basic but I don't want to pursue visual basic because it is simple to the point almost any highschool kid can do it , and it is limited to windows and my company thinks about dropping VB in favor of other language)

I think i will go into C++... but i hear it has no future and will be replaced by other languages? is that true? I am looking for a languge that has a promising future.
Now i never studied computer science so forgive me if my questions seem silly.
I guess i want to know whats going to die and whats going to thrive!

I would take a look at C#. It is a modern programming type safe language that i think will take over as the mainstream development platform.
It is based on the .net framework, but .net is theoretically platform independant. It doesnt have to run only on Windows.
The team leader is the same guy who wrote Borland Turbo pascal, and developed Delphi. Anders Helberg? dont know if thats spelt right!

For electrical engineers the best program is MATLAB

C# is the most popular.

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

iam also in the same boat.

but most of software pepole said .net is best.

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

You should study C++ and C#.

Some companies look for Java developers too.

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

the C -> C++ -> Java pathway :D

Re: Which languages are most popular in programming industry

Hi Lucifre.

My suggestion is that the programming language is not so important to invest a lot of time&effort. I think most important is to learn the simple algorithms and to learn how a computer works. I mean it's very important to be able to understant how the computer "thinks" and then to program it. I study intensive informatics in high school(many years ago...) and in the first year, I used only flow graphs and pseudo-code. But that was the period when I learned programming.

To strictly answer to your question, I think C/C++ and Java are the most usable programming languages. About C#...there is a while since I took contact with programming(computer sience high school, computer engineering faculty, programmer jobs) but I have never used C# until now. C# is a relatively new language and I think is not enough mature as C/C++ and Java. But for windows programming it's a modern&good development tool(though I prefer Visual C++!).

C for micros, C# and/or Java for computers. C# is the proper implementation of OOPs for C, C++ is the improper implementation of OOPs for C. There is a reason why Microsoft spent the money they did to create .NET and managed code. BTW, how good is C#? Well 90% of .NET is written in C#. Microsoft thinks it's pretty good.

And C is still just fine for most programming on computers. OOPs programming is meant for very large programs involving large number of people and large numbers of files maybe spread throughout the country. It's a way of engineering software, breaking a program down into it's logical components with defined inputs and outputs (like a car has a drivetrain, a chassis, a suspension and so on). For most programs you can just write the damn thing in C while everyone else is defining what the objects are and what their inputs and outputs are and what their relationship to other components is. (Well you could in the days before .NET which of course does not expose a C interface since C does not have a class interface which is a prerequisite in .NET.)

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