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Which is the best HDL checking tool? HAL, nlint or LEDA

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Dec 20, 2005
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nlint tool

Now I am using HDL checking tool----LEDA, but I want to know more about nlint and hal. Becuase I think that the best tool is the easiest using tool, who can tell me which is the best HDL checking tool in your mind? And please analyze the difference among the EDA tools. Thank you very much!

hal hdl checking

I think nlint is very easy to use

hdl checking

The one more linting tool Verix from RealIntent it too good! checkout!

nlint is much faster but less power than LEDA. Clean code in nlint would still have errors under LEDA.
If you have two of them, you can run both of them. One for fast check, one for complete check.

Netlist Debug/ECO in GUI mode.

Thanks! I need to extend one HDL checking tool in our team, so firstly you must let them know that the tool is easy studying. nlint can enhance the work efficiency, but LEDA can make the checking more completely. I think that I should use nlint at the beginning and bring a easy-going EDA tool to my fellows. After a while, let them accept more diffcult and complete tool. Is this a good plan? You know? I must establish a required process in our team and request everyone who must have the concept in mind. And let them enjoy the HDL checking other than distaste.

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