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which eda tools is better for RF filter design?

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Jan 15, 2002
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:D Hi anybody,
Please suggest me which eda tools is better for RF filter design especial on
cross couple kind RF filter.


for cross couple filter

I use MW Office for filter design. And to verify the simulation, I use Sonnet and HFSS. But what is cross couple filter? Can you explain more?


:D Cross coupled is means to increase channels in between the interval resonances, with that you can get a special output.

Ealgeware Genesys has good RF filter synthesis tools, but not cross coupled types

:( MW Office, Serenade and Ealgeware Genesys have similar RF filter synthesis tools. Do you agree me?

i think esemble is the best software to design

Re: for cross couple filter

In FILPRO VERSION-2.5, Symmetric Cross Coupled Circuits option is used for several purposes:

-Analysis and tuning of symmetric coupled structures like symmetric cross coupled filters, branchline directional couplers, parallel coupled line directional couplers, rat race hybrids can be carried out with this option. The even and odd mode half approach is used for analysis of such structures.

-Linear phase canonic cross coupled filters can be designed using the prototypes available in literature.

-Selective Linear phase cross coupled filters with one or two finite transmission zeros on s=jw axis and one transmission zero on s=real axis can be synthesized by just typing in the specifications and tuning several elements of the filters.

See **broken link removed**

:D GaAs FET,
thank U, it really good.

Does anyone have experience about a proximity coupler at -3dB?

Thanks in advance.

Filpro is a good software for beginning the design of cross coupled filter, also PCFILT and SFILSYN could be used see
Filpro is more general, PCFILT /SFILSYN are specific for triplets or quadruplets design.
If you need papers on the subject you will find in the IEEE-MTT transactions several papers on the subject, check also IEEE-MTT-Symposiums.(Relevant authors-Ralph Levy, Zaki, Nevzat Yelderim{author of filpro)).
Search also Microwave Journal, Rf Design for Al Klappenberger

:D dear filterman,

How can get PCFILT /SFILSYN ?
thanks much.

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