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What's the simplest mp3 codec?

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Jan 23, 2006
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Whats the simplest mp3 codec?

chip codec mp3

mp3 is a standard of voice coding and decoding

sta013 mp3 decoder

If you're asking about chips, probably the VS100x series from


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signal processing mp3 codecs

Thanks for the idea. I had thought about VS1011 too, due to it's built in sigma-delta dac.
But why do i always see STA013 from analog devices in designs? Maybe it's a better choose?

pepillo said:
But why do i always see STA013 from analog devices in designs? Maybe it's a better choose?

One of the reasons could be that 2 years ago (when this thread was started) the STA013 was attainable in the US, while VS1011 wasn’t. Currently among hobby projects, I think, it’s 50/50 between STA013 and VS1011.

Right now I’m looking for MP3 decoder chip myself, and I’m leaning towards VS1011e.

chips codec mp3

Right... Now the available part from ST is STA015, which is quite the same as the STA013 but doesn't need a batch file to be downloaded to the ASIC before configuring it.

What high performance MP3 codec chip can I use in a design apart from VS1001 and STA015?

I can't believe there aren't any other chips in the world... What chips do big companies use in their designs? I know about a Texas Instruments DSP but I guess that is a really difficult part to start development with.

What any other chips do you sugest?

Any reference design of MP3 player? I have started one myself, if anybody needs information just contact me.


cross platform mp3 decoder library

You want to buy one book or just some information on it.

libmad sta013

No, I'm not looking for a book, but for the chip itself.

Has anyone designed with the Atmel MP3 chips? They have all the peripherals and many other features...

Please post info on MP3 player design, links or related information

mp3 encoder codec chip

If you are using strong processsor, you can use libmad for mp3 decoding.
Amr Ali.

sta013 or vs1011

What does libmad do? Where can I get it? In what language is it written?

For what processors is it targeted?

What do you mean with strong processor...

Please give some more info. Thanks

buy mp3 codec chip

Libmad is a C mpeg audio decoder. You can det it from after searcing te software. It is cross-platform library, I used it for x86 & ARM9. Strong processor means 16-bit processor or higher.
Amr Ali.

vs1103 mp3

As far as I see. All of the models ST01X and VSXXXX are decoders. Just few of them have some ADPCM coders. Only VS1103 have Ogg Vorbis coder! Can somebody point to a real MP3 coder please?
I need to record an audio signal 24x7 in a very good quality.
I have my own design with TMS320C6711 maybe I should write an MP3 coding algorithm. Does anybody has an idea what the DSP load could be?

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