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what is the process to fabricate Aluminium Shell( Solar Inverter Enclosure)

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Jun 9, 2011
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Anyone know what is the process to fabricate Aluminium Shell Or Aluminium Enclosure?

Die Casting process? or else as i dont have any idea on it.

Need some advise from all of you.



Tell us the shape and dimensions you want. I have some experience in fabrication of aluminum -- mostly by riveting and cold forming.


I guess I could say something as I made a wood working plane way back in school metal working class.
Cast out of Aluminum.

So first you need the Aluminum - easy
A high temperature crucible.
To keep it hot the crucible needs to be contained by a furnace structure, this was just a round concrete ? thing that held the
crucible and the gas burners.
You need gas
gas burners
Can't remember if we used any extra oxygen/air source - maybe not
You need implements to handle very hot things.

Mold - this was a box that you pack in with black sand (whatever that is?) you put your pattern into it and pack it in,
then remove the pattern - this is easy for something like a jack plane because of one flat surface, which you
place as the top of the mold.

You pour molten Al into the space the pattern left in the mold, and you got your product !
Great fun - very sweaty and hard work but fun all the same!

I remember now I had three goes at it, because it is a bit complex with the
parts that must extend. I was the only one in that year to make anything that complex
in casting.
I still use that jack plane to this very day!

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