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What is the difference between earth and ground

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Feb 17, 2007
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difference between earthing and grounding

Dear friends,
I want know what is difference between the "ground" and "Earth". Is "Earth" and "Ground" are same. Can I connect "Ground" directly to "Earth".
V. Naresh Kumar

difference between ground and earth

Yes, ground and earth are different names for the same thing. I'm not sure what you mean by - can you connect ground to earth.
difference between earth and ground

A circuit has a ground ."The chassis" .Even if is portable
The "earth" is a conducting pole buried in the soil ..Usually to dissipate energy,that otherwise could destroy equipment .In that case you will connect the Ground to the earth .Which is now the soil .The equipment is said to be GROUNDED when is conneced to the earth !

Is like a game of words .

difference between grounding and earthing

I want know what is difference between the "ground" and "Earth". Is "Earth" and "Ground" are same.

"Ground' is generally a system of conductors that terminate at an electrode that has sufficient contact with earth. 'Ground' then is not 'earth', but carries the same potential.

Can I connect "Ground" directly to "Earth".

Depends on your application. The NEC and CEC are specific on the 'what,where,how ' of grounding and bonding.

You may violate code by carrying a bond or neutral to ground, and you may also be setting yourself up for a very unpleasant surprise.
what is the difference between -5v and ground

thanks to eltonjohn and GetDeviceInfo
I want know whether can I short ground and earth. can I take earth from ground or vice versa.

to GetDeviceInfo
Please describe about NEC and CEC.

difference between earthing & grounding

earth is a physical connection to the earth. it may NOT be the ground for a circuit.

ground is a common reference point in a circuit.

any circuit has to have a ground. not every circuit has a "earth".

ground chassis connection

National/Canadian electrical code. You will have something similar.

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