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what is the compact device model ?

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Jun 20, 2011
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Hi everyone,
I usually meet the term of Compact Model, such as compact MOSFETmodel. But I don't know what means the Compact Model, could you tell me ? thanks.

Hi cherishlzd,
you can find more information about the Advanced Compact MOSFET (ACM) at the web site **broken link removed** .
ACM is analog to EKV model but it has less parameters. It could be useful for hand design, especially for low power analog design.
Thanks Birillo,

Now I am puzzled with the various models, such as SPICE MODEL, HSPICE MODEL, BSIM MODEL, EKV MODEL, and ACM MODEL. Could you help me to explain them? thanks.

BSIM, EKV and ACM are three ways to modelize MOS components.

BSIM models was developed at Berkeley. In this case are used a lot of parameters to define the elctronic behaviour of a MOS. The last versions include also the short channel effects. You can find documentation at **broken link removed**.
BSIM4 is the industrial standard.

EKV model was created by Enz, Vittoz and Krummenacker in 1995. Here is the link to the original paper: **broken link removed**
EKV is accurate for analog design and includes shorth channel effects. The advantage is the use use of lesser parameters than BSIM model. This is useful for hand design.
Link to EKV web site: EPFL | EKV MOSFET Model

ACM model is similar to EKV model. It reduces again the number of parameters used.
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